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New Course, Starting with New Name

Fox Valley Hands of Hope builds on organization's 35-year history

Fox Valley Hands of Hope is the new name for the volunteer-driven, non-profit organization previously known as Fox Valley Volunteer Hospice. The name more closely aligns to the services the organization provides. It reflects a new strategic direction to expand services that provide hope for those experiencing grief while continuing to provide supportive care to those who are dealing with life-threatening illnesses.

Since 1981, the organization has served more than 22,000 clients and their families in the greater Fox Valley area.

"While our name and vision are new, we are retaining our deep roots in the local communities we serve, and we will continue to provide the highest level of compassionate care to those in need, at no cost," said Greg Weider, executive director of Fox Valley Hands of Hope. "We are creating a better connection between our organization's strengths and the needs of the local community. This connection allows

Fox Valley Hands of Hope to expand and more effectively deliver its core services of bereavement support and volunteer-based supportive care to those needing hope."

According to Weider, the organization's board of directors agreed to the name change in August. "Our board of directors put forward an enhanced mission and new vision that reposition's the organization in the context of the ever-changing environment in which we operate," he said.

Fox Valley Hands of Hope builds on a nearly 35-year history as a leading provider of exemplary services to those in the greater Fox Valley area experiencing grief or life-threatening illnesses. The organization is funded through the support of individual donors, foundations, civic organizations, mental health boards and local businesses. The organization's new name better reflects its new direction, and is a nod to one of its most successful volunteer services programs, Hands of Hope. For more than 12 years, volunteers in this program have provided emotional support and a healing presence for those undergoing chemotherapyat Dreyer Medical Clinic in Aurora, Ill., and at Presence Health Regional Cancer Care Center in Elgin, Ill.

Volunteerism is at the heart of Fox Valley Hands of Hope. Each year, the organization engages more than 400 volunteers to provide its services. Every volunteer receives training, continuing education and staff support to best meet the needs of the Fox Valley community.

"Fox Valley Hands of Hope will continue to play an important role in addressing the challenges of loss of life, providing the training, resources, support and best practices upon which our clients and their
families have come to depend," Weider said.




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